Sunday, September 16, 2012

Damn me and my emotional eating.

Some meals are good, some are bad. Yesterday was really bad. Nothing has really happened to trigger this, at least that I can put my finger on. It's really frustrating me. I can't even babble about it trying to process whatever is wrong because it's so vague. Maybe I'm just feeling generally overwhelmed? I don't know.

I'm am pretty bummed out that I've given up on baking. Everything I've made for the last year has been a fucking disaster; I've lost my touch (meanwhile, a friend of mine who never baked a fucking thing until I started is now promoting her baking business). Baking was the first thing I felt like I Wanted To Be When I Grow Up, sort of thing. So there are definitely some feelings of loss there. I keep thinking if it's making me unhappy to give up, I shouldn't give up .... and then I remember all the exploded cupcakes, the sunken cakes, the frostings that changed weird colors, the broken cake stand, etc., and I remember why.

Plus side: I got a job that (so far) I don't hate, and at a company that (so far) seems like they really treat their employees well. So that's really been a boost!


EmDub @ Faster In Water said...

Awe sorry to hear that! Baking may have to sit by the side for a min so you can get some perspective. When you look back on it, was it all bad? Or were there some effing spectacular cakes and other yummies that came out of it?

Congrats on the job!

FattyMcFatPants said...

I'm feeling a little less bummed out about it, but ... I don't know. We'll see!